To inquire about Speaking or Consultation Services please fill out the form below with speaking or consultation in the subject line.

Would you like to arrange for me to come and speak to your group or arrange one-on-one consultation about any of the following:

  • Traveling affordably as a solo parent
    • Budget traveling
    • Tips on how to make travel affordable
    • Some do's and dont's in affordable travel
    • Travel with kids while on a budget
    • How to travel with kids and keep your sanity
  • Worldschooling
    • What is worldschooling
    • The legalities
    • How we do it
    • Choosing the right curriculum or None at all
  • Being a Travelprenuer
    • Starting and running a business
    • Working remotely
    • Setting goals and meeting them
  • RVing and Camping
    • Living the full-time life
    • Choosing the right RV
    • Route and Trip planning
    • Experiencing RVing and Camping for the first time

Nomadic Mama of 3



30 min phone consultation $25

60 min phone consultation $50

In person speaking and consultation $250 (+ travel and accomodation expenses)

Nomadic Mama of 3 Speaking and Consultations

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