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The World is an Open Book. It's Up to Us to Explore the Pages

Hi! I'm Christina! I am a Nomadic Mama to three beautiful Jr Nomads. Life has had its ups and downs, twists and turns but has recently offered us an amazing opportunity to travel the world and my Jr Nomads and I are taking full advantage of it. 

In my new life as Nomadic Mama I am a writer, publisher, and very amateur photographer. I am working hard on the launch of my first travel magazine (inaugural issue coming this summer... if you would like to be a part of it or would like more information please reach out to me). I am also a homeschooling mom (or worldschooler as we like to refer to ourselves). I am transitioning from my old life where I was a forensic anthropologist/ archaeologist, a Fulbright Scholar, a professor, and a PhD student. But I haven't completed the transformation yet and still carry all of those titles.  Whew! I am exhausted just writing this bio :-)

My kids and I are tromping the globe on a full journey of self-discovery, global appreciation, and family togetherness. We have and we will hit international destinations that include Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Iceland, Norway, England, Romania, Switzerland, Italy, and Sweden. We are open to suggestions for other international destinations to explore! In additional to international travel we recently criss-crossed this awesome country on an epic two and a half month RV road trip. We just journeyed back across country in our RV to Nevada, this time to stay. We're not sure how long we will be here but we sure are enjoying exploring the west coast in a little more detail.

Follow us on this journey as I strive to achieve my goal of 40-by-40, forty countries and forty US states by the time I turn 40 (I just turned 35 a week ago) and chase my dream of becoming a travel writer, blogger, and photographer. See you on the road or somewhere around the globe!

verie is my spunky, creative, artistic diva pre-teen. At 10yrs she loves art, photography, fashion and design, and any and all animals.

oshua is my outgoing, funny teenager. At 13yrs he loves video games, reading, and hanging out with his friends.

athaniel is my feisty, very active, most compassionate baby. At 6yrs he loves remote control helicopters and trucks, video games, sports, and harassing his older brother and sister.



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